Aug 9 2017

A Family Gathering – Cousins

I’ve spent today cleaning up this blog. The last time I went to update I found some major problems with images and the blog software – it ended up being too big a job to complete in one hit. But I’ve had more success today with all the images and links now working properly again.  I even have the menu items across the top linking to the correct galleries again.  I’m sure I could spend a lot more time on it, but for now will leave you with this image that I scanned quite a while ago. It’s a bit of a sneak peak into the next series of images I will be scanning…

From L-R:
  Fred Frasca, Sam Dichiera, Jim Crisera & Pat Dichiera (Dad)

Jan 13 2017


Today marks 37 long years since you passed Dad, since we last saw that smile.  We think of you often and try to bring you into our children’s lives as much as we can.  Love you always.   xxx

For the first time in 37 years, I haven’t put a memoriam notice in the Sunraysia Daily for today.  I’ve decided not to do it any more and just post our memories here.

Dad with his mighty Datsun Bluebird

Jan 5 2017

Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes Dad.  xxx

Jun 16 2016

1964 Irymple FC Photo Update

Well here it is folks, an undamaged copy of dad’s runners up Under 18’s team from 1964 (see original post here).  With thanks to the power of social media, some of dad’s old team mates and their family members contacted me and we now have this copy.

Irymple Football Club - Under 18's Runners Up - 1964

Very special thanks to Michael Allen and his wife Patti for taking the time to scan this image from their collection.  Also thanks to Marg Young who also took time out of her day to track down a copy from the Bottoms & Morris families.

Jun 8 2016

Lost Mildura

Recently I posted a copy of this photo of dad’s Under 18’s AFL team photo from 1964 on the Facebook community page for Lost Mildura.  Through that post I was contacted by a few people that either played in the same team with dad or with the club about the same time.  One of which was Stan Middleton.  Stan a returned Vietnam veteran is a lovely man only 3 weeks older than my dad.  He shared the following memories with me as well as a new photo we have never seen before of dad during his time with Irymple Football Club.

“I knew both Sam & your Dad.  Both I think through the Irymple Footy Club & Mildura Tech.  Also they used to catch the Cardross bus to school I am sure.  I came from Cardross but played footy at Irymple.

Always liked your Dad.  A good man!  Also sad to see that Sam passed away about 5 years ago.  If I remember correctly he ran the service garage station at Irymple!  I knew Terry Bottams very well.  Terry caught our bus as well and also played footy at Irymple.

Will attach a few photos from the footy club which you may recognise many!  Your father in at least two.  One was when we unfurled the 1962 Flag in the first game of 1963.  So we definitely played together in the same team.  Often your dad was a year behind me as his birthday was January & mine December resulting in me going to the next age group a year earlier than Dad.

Here are some Mildura Tech days photos which will feature some of your Dad’s mates.  I was a year ahead so I don’t think he is in any of the photos.  Mostly my year!

Anyway Sharon will close now but be rest assured your Dad hasn’t been forgotten by many that knew him.  I am one!”

– Stan Middleton.


Unfurling of the 1962 flag for the first game of 1963.  Dad is 4th player from left.

Jan 13 2016

Thoughts Of You Dad

Thinking of you and all we lost this day Dad.  All our love always, Sharon, Michael and families.  xxx

Jan 5 2016

Happy 70th Birthday Dad

Happy heavenly birthday Dad.  Today would have been your 70th birthday, we’re sure you would have celebrated.  🙂   We’ll all have one for you tonight.  Love you always.  xxx

Apr 3 2015

A New Grandchild

I have pleasure in announcing the arrival of dad’s newest grand daughter “M”, who arrived in March.  Congratulations to my brother Michael and his wife Kim on the birth of their second child.

Photo soon…

Jan 13 2015


Only the memories are left,
Of the happiness we knew,
But the love that kindled memory’s torch.
Will feed it our whole life through.

Jan 5 2015

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad.  Time just goes by so quickly now and we miss you more than ever.  All our love always.


This is a postcard that Dad sent to me for my 8th birthday, while he was on his 1976 European trip.  I was going to just add the front of the postcard only, but I thought it was nice to read something dad wrote to us way back then.

Apr 14 2014

RIP – Maria Tosti (nee Dichiera) 13/4/2014

Condolences to Andrew, Sandra and Uncle on the passing of Aunty Tosti.  A treasured family member.  Aunty was very involved with dad’s family during the early days here in Australia as evidenced in quite a few of the earlier photos posted here.  Her son Andrew mentioned to me once that she enjoyed reminiscing at the old photos.

Our thoughts are with you.  xx

Jan 13 2014

Missing You

Another year passes and we miss you even more dad.   xx

Jan 5 2014

Happy Birthday Dad

We’ve missed you as always and wish you were here to see your grandchildren grow.  I’m sure they’d all love their Nonno, Grandad, Grandpa, whatever you would have liked them to call you and in turn I could imagine you doting on them.  I can nearly remember what your voice sounded like now.  🙂

Happy 68th Birthday Dad.  xxxx


May 26 2013

New Grandchild

I have pleasure in announcing the arrival of dad’s new grandson “D”, who was welcomed into our family in April, 2013.  Congratulations to my brother Michael and his wife Kim on the birth of their first child.

Meet gorgeous “D” with his happy parents….


May 20 2013

Information Update

Many thanks to Alan Holcroft who recently contacted us with some information about this photo posted in April, 2010.  He has identified the chap with Dad & Sam as Bobby Stevens from Red Cliffs, who worked with dad at Howie Bros Plumbing.

Alan also informed us that Dad had worked for Alan in about 1972 and knew dad through Alan’s friendship with Sam and Pam Dichiera.