Mar 16 2008

Slim Dusty in the Making

Interestingly, I have dad’s old guitar that he learnt to play on. I’m not sure how long he learnt for, or how good he played – as I can’t actually remember him ever playing it. Along with the guitar, there are a few old music sheets from old movies, and a Hank Williams song sheet.

I also tried to learn using this guitar, but by then its neck was nearly breaking from the body (still is). I also had to have the strings changed from steel to nylon. It is actually a small children’s sized guitar and now by my estimates must be about 50+ years old.

Just wanted to add to this post that Dad was a huge Slim Dusty fan (hence the title) and had a quite a few of his albums on tape.


Mar 15 2008

Gravesite Gallery

A new gallery has been added today, it is of Dad’s grave. I’ve added this gallery because dad’s grave is located in Victoria and my brother and I are both in Queensland.

We obviously don’t get to visit it in person as often as we would like, so this is for us really, I hope it doesn’t upset anyone.

Mar 13 2008

Shotgun Fella’s

Here’s another shot of Dad with Aunty Cath, this time with two gentlemen and a shotgun. I’ve spoken to Aunty Cath and she doesn’t recognise who they are, so we are currently trying to find out.


Thanks to Aunty Cathy & Robert for this photo.

Mar 5 2008

Dip Tins

I really like this next shot of Dad and Aunty Cath sitting on a couple of dips tins. I love the flowers and the racks in the background. Kind of funny when you stop and think that our playground growing up as kids on Nonno and Nonna’s block was also Dad’s playground. 🙂


Thanks to Aunty Cathy & Robert again for this photo.

Feb 26 2008

On the Trike again

Dad on his trusty trike, looks like he was concentrating real hard on mastering this – check out that tongue! 🙂

Thanks to Aunty Cathy & Robert again for this photo.


Feb 24 2008

The Young Years

Thanks to Aunty Cath & Robert, here is another picture of dad as a toddler and Aunty Cath when she was just a wee baby. 🙂 The original photo looks like it is quite blurry unfortunately.


Feb 18 2008

Baby Photos

Thanks to Aunty Cath raiding her photo collection and cousin Robert’s scanning, I can bring you some more baby photos of dad (insert big smiley face here). This collection of four images, show dad with his older siblings Sam & Mary and of course his mum.

Dad does not look very old in these photos, I would think under one year old? I think I can now see where my boy gets his cheeks from. 🙂

DadBabySamMary DadBabyMarySamPramSit
DadBabySamMaryNonna DadBabyMarySamPramLay

Feb 17 2008

Family Portrait

Here’s a lovely colourised family portrait of the Dichiera family that graced my grandparents mantle piece for many years. It includes dad, his brothers & sisters, and his parents.

20/3/2008 ETA (edited to add) – The little piece of black material on Giuseppe’s lapel is to mark mourning a death. However we are unsure who’s death Nonno was mourning. If it had been someone reasonably close to my Nonna, she would have been wearing all black to signify she was in mourning – as she did for my dad for many many years.

Pictured L-R are: Pat (Pasquale), Sam (Salvatore), Giuseppe (Joe), Vince (Vincenzo), Giovanna (Joan), Mary (Maria), Cath (Caterina).

Feb 10 2008


This photo shows dad with his Confirmation Sponsor. On speaking to one of my aunts she thinks the sponsor may have been a Mr. Gagliardi. However will have to confirm this and update at a later date.

22/5/2008 Edited to add – After a recent visit with Aunty Tosti, Aunty Cath has confirmed that dad’s Confirmation Sponsor was Mr. Gagliardi.

Feb 9 2008

First Communion

Here is dad at his First Communion, unfortunately I don’t know his age in this photo. I’m assuming he is in his ‘tweens – sorry about using that new age term, doesn’t really fit with these photos does it? 😉


I’m getting even more excited about this website now. So far I have received really positive feedback for the site – thanks everyone.

Feb 5 2008

Mums and Kids

Dad is seen here on the very left in the front row. This picture includes his sisters, cousins, aunts and of course his mum (our Nonna).


Back Row L-R: Theresa Crisera, her daughter Cath Frasca, Giovanna (Joan) Dichiera, Maria Tosti.
Middle Row L-R: Their children; Fred Frasca, Mary Dichiera (now Filippi), Theresa Frasca, Cath Dichiera (now Crisera).
Front Row L-R: Pat Dichiera, Larry Crisera, Jim Crisera.

This photo really shows the likenesses of my cousins to their parents as children.

Jan 31 2008

Newspaper Gallery

I have added the first of the galleries today – the Newspaper Gallery. This is a collection of stories and tributes that were run in the local paper the “Sunraysia Daily” in 1980 at the time of my father’s death. There is also an article from as recently as 2005 when the Sunraysia Daily’s “Peeps in the Past” column listed dad’s funeral as a news event from 25 years ago.

Jan 31 2008


Apologies for the quality of this photo, it is a scan of a scan (from when scans were only new). Not sure what age dad was in this photo, but to me looks about 2 or 3 years old.


Jan 30 2008

First Photo

So let’s get started.

Pasquale Dichiera (otherwise known as Pat), was born on the 5th January, 1946 in Mildura, Victoria, Australia. His parents Giuseppe and Giovanna Dichiera had emigrated from Calabria, Italy. Giuseppe arriving in 1937 and Giovanna arriving in 1940.

This is one of the earliest photos of dad (in the middle on the trike) that I have. He’s pictured here with his older sister Maria and older brother Salvatore (Sam). There is no date on the photo, but a notation (in Italian) on the back obviously states who is in the photo and I think that Uncle Vincenzo (a great Uncle) may have taken the picture.

From the back of the photo…

Ricordo Ti Maria Salvatore e Pasquale per lo zio Vincenzo.