Jul 18 2008

Group Photo

This early group shot shows quite a few people that I don’t recognise – so will have to get to work identifying them. But it is interesting as this is one of two shots taken of this group. This shot includes Aunty Mary and a man from the back is missing (obviously taking the photo), while another poor photocopy that I have of it, shows the man in the photo and Aunty Mary is taking the photo. This version does show everyone smiling, the other version, looks quite a deal more sombre. 🙂

I’m not sure if it was taken at Nonno’s home or elsewhere.


Back L-R: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Nonno, Unknown, Nonna, Vince, Sam (holding Vince), Unknown.
Front L-R: Cath, Mary & Pat (dad).

Thanks to Aunty Cath & Robert for this photo.

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