Sep 20 2008

Top Gear – The Cars

On speaking to Uncle Sam and mum, they’ve recalled the cars that dad owned and hopefully we’ve now got them in the right order.

1st car – Triumph Herald (white) – images now posted.
2nd car – Datsun Bluebird (two tone blue, light blue on top)
3rd car – Holden (thought to be an EH) Ute (green)
4th car – Morris Minor
5th car – Station Wagon (mum remembers the brakes were dodgy on this car, she refused to drive it with us kids in it – they used to pay it off $10/week)
6th car – Holden Kingswood Sedan (white)

As I find more info and images of them I will update. But for now here is the first of about four images that have been found of the Triumph (thanks to Aunty Cath & Robert).

This first image shows dad at around 18 or 19 years old with his mum (Nonna) and his cool looking first car the Triumph Herald sportscar (a white one). Mum remembers that dad was driving this when she first met him and that he used to eat his lunch in it in Red Cliffs.


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