Nov 23 2008

Boys and Cars

Here is a shot of Dad’s white Triumph behind Uncle Sam’s red sports car. Unfortunately as I am a girl, I have no idea what type it is – will have to ask hubby unless one of our readers can tell me. 🙂

This photo is taken at the side of Nonno and Nonna’s and it may be their car in front of the house. Someone older might be able to help out with the name of the dog at the front of the photo. Interesting old shed at the front of the property.

This is another photo from Nonna’s collection that Robert & Aunty Cath have scanned for the website.

ETA: Thanks to info from Tony Piscioneri, Nonno’s car has been identified as a 1948 Chev. Just googled it, very cool looking car too!

1st April, 2011 Update:  Tony P has suggested Uncle Sam’s car might be a Datsun Fair Lady.  And also that the shed in the background may be the old horse stables.


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