Nov 13 2009

Teresa Piscioneri – passed away 12/11/2009

Condolences to Tony and family on the passing of Aunty. Another of our grand relatives will be laid to rest. Thank you Aunty.

Our thoughts are with you.

Sep 30 2009

3rd Car – The Holden Ute

This photo is from my mum’s collection. Dad and his beloved green Holden ute (his third car). I’ll check with my hubby or brother Michael, but I think it is an EH? Me and old cars, hmph!

Mum tells a rather funny story about this car – dad rolled it on its side once, with a herself as a passenger (pregnant with Sharon). Just the quarter roll on to its side. Mum said he climbed out & surveying the damage to his car, some of his first words were “my car, my car”. Mum says she was pretty miffed at as his lack of thought for her at the time. Oops. 🙂


Sep 13 2009

Cosimo Dichiera – passed away 12/9/2009

Condolences to Aunty Marianna, Sam, Vivienne and family on the passing of Uncle. Truly a grand spirited man has left us all.

Our thoughts are with you.

Apr 16 2009


Well finally I have a few minutes spare to post an update to the site. My apologies for not doing so sooner, but as some know, we recently added two new members to our family in February.

So please let me introduce you to Dad’s (Pat’s) three grandchildren to date, pictured here with myself and my husband Adrian…

Grandson “C” (aged 2 years) and granddaughters “G” & “M” (aged 8 weeks). These photos were taken when the girls were 4 weeks old. Since then it has been a whirlwind of late night feeds, nappies and more nappies.  “C” just loves his little sisters and I bet can’t wait until they can play with him – for now he is content with kissing them all the time and getting a smile back. 🙂

I will start scanning and publishing some more photos of dad very soon.



ETA:  And yes for those wondering, the girls are identical.  🙂

Jan 13 2009


It has been 29 years today since your accident. It’s hard to comprehend it being that long ago. You are never far from our thoughts, especially now as we pass through adult stages of our lives. You are in our memories and our hearts forever.  xxxooo

Jan 5 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is Dad’s birthday, he would have been 63 years old today. All our love and thinking happy memories of you today, dad.   🙂