Jan 3 2010

Luna Park

This photo probably doesn’t need too much intro to some. It features dad and his cousins on a visit to Luna Park, Melbourne. It was included in the State Library of Victoria’s “Victorians on Vacation” Exhibition from Nov 2007 to Apr 2009, which along with being displayed in Melbourne also travelled some regional Victorian galleries. I was lucky enough to see it on display at Mildura Arts Centre during it’s six week stay from Oct to Nov 2008 (photo on display in Mildura).

The Sunraysia Daily along with 2 other newspapers & WINTV also did a story on the photo and the reunion of 4 of the surviving cousins of the photo more than 40 years later. Sunraysia Daily front page – 4th October, 2008 and inside story.

Below is a scan of an original of the image (one of a few). I say that, as it appears that when this photo was taken (not that many of the guys can remember much about it), there were at least 3 or more copies of the image produced in postcard like form. My mum has dad’s copy of it obviously, the museum another copy (we think from Nonno) and I think there is at least another copy floating around that we know of.

Thanks so much to Sam Dichiera (dad’s cousin) for all the info on this photo. It’s such a great photo.


Backseat L-R: Jim Mazza, Vince Dichiera, Pasquale Dichiera (dad).
Frontseat L-R: Jim Crisera, Sam Dichiera (dad’s brother).

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