Apr 4 2010

Sydney Trip – 1962

I received this photo quite a while ago from Andrew Tosti. It was taken in Sydney when dad and Uncle Sam visited their Uncle Peter & Aunt Maria Tosti who live in Sydney. Uncle Tosti had taken them down to see Coogee Beach. Featured is dad sitting on the wall holding a radio, the young girl is their cousin Sandra Tosti, then Uncle Sam looking cool in sunnies and Uncle Tosti.


L-R: Pat Dichiera (Dad), Sandra Tosti, Sam Dichiera, Peter Tosti.

Looking at this photo, Sandra looks to be about 3yo, Andrew mentioned the photo was possibly taken in 1961. But then I remembered I had the photo below of Dad and a baby, who Aunty Cath thought might be cousin Andrew. Well I pulled it out tonight, to see that dad is wearing exactly the same shirt with the sleeves pulled up – so it looks like the photo with his baby cousin Andrew was taken the same day and seeing Andrew was born in 1962 – looks like we have the year both photos were taken.


That makes dad about 16 years old in these photos.

Many thanks to Andrew Tosti for supplying the group photo and information. And thanks to Aunty Cath for supplying the second photo. Yesterday I received more photos from this trip from Aunty Cath, so I will post them over the next few days.

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