Jul 31 2010

Dumbing Down

Just veering off subject here a little, I read this article in our local newspaper about the Aussie pronunciation of our Ipswich Mayor’s Italian surname.  Mayor Paul Pisasale’s surname is now pronounced “Pisarley” rather than “Peesa-saleh”.  I had a bit of a laugh about it, as the Aussie pronunciation of our surname Dichiera is also a lot different to what it is in Italian.  The Aussie pronunciation is “Dishearer”.  Which I must admit I was thankful for, as even though I like the Italian pronunciation, I would never had been able to stand the constant teasing at school that would have gone with it being pronounced properly.  For those that don’t know, “ch” in Italian is pronounced “k”, just to give you an idea.  Well let’s just get it over with “Dicky-era” or “Dickee-era”

Unlike Mayor Paul, I am pretty sure that Dichiera was “dumbed down” pretty early in the piece here, considering I am second generation Australian.  Again I’ll have to check with other older family members and correct as necessary.  🙂  But I remember Nonno telling me about the different pronunciatons as one of his many stories – he was a great story teller, I so miss them.

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