Aug 1 2010

Irymple Football Club – 1964

Well I have a sporting photo of dad to post, and if you knew dad, you know he loved his sports.  This photo is from when dad played in the Under 18’s team for the Irymple Football Club (Swallows), and the team were season Runners Up in 1964.  Unfortunately this photo was damaged by elements & bugs when it went undiscovered that the frame glass had broken.  It upsets me that one of the faces obscured by the damage is that of dad’s close friend Terry Bottams.  I am endeavouring to see if I can get a clean copy of it.

Notice dad’s surname is spelt incorrectly as “Dischiera”.  🙂


I just wanted to add that dad was a huge fan of the Irymple Football Club for many years to come and his brothers Vince & Sam Dichiera played for the club also.  Uncle Vince was a very good player in his day and I remember watching him play many games.  We spent many a weekend down at the field and the old clubhouse with dad, family and friends.  They were special times and I remember them fondly, tooting on the horn when the team scored a goal.  Soft drink & chips for us kids, rolling down the hill, running around on the field between quarters.  I do have some video footage from a grand final game in the 1970’s, there’s not much, but it does show the team lining up for the after game photo.  I will make sure I post it to the website.

Updated – Thanks to Michael Allen (a player in this team), we now have an undamaged scan of the photo.  New post is here or photo is below.

Irymple Football Club - Under 18's Runners Up - 1964

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