Jul 23 2012

Fireplace Fun

Well here’s a rather scratchy old photo of dad with mum in the early days.  She remembers this night quite well.  I’ve tinkered with the photo a bit to get some more detail into it.  Love the bottle dad’s holding and his socks and shoes.   🙂


Mum says they were visiting at a friend Alex Lochead’s house, hanging out with other couples.

Jan 13 2012

Longing For One More Day

When we lose someone we love, it seems that time stands still.  What moves through us is a silence… a quiet sadness… A longing for one more day… one more word… one more touch… We may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived.  And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget.  We will see you again some day, in a heavenly place where there is no parting.  A place where there are no words that mean good-bye. (Author Unknown)

Love and miss you dad.  xxx

Jan 12 2012

Luna Park 1967

Here’s a favourite couples photo of mine, its of mum & dad at Luna Park, Melbourne.  The photo was taken about 1967 on a trip they went on before they were married.  And there’s those legs on mum again  :), this is one that has always made me jealous I didn’t end up with pins like these.  A very cute photo don’t you think?


Jan 5 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy birthday dad, thinking of you on this day as always.

Tonight, a particular memory came to mind of your last birthday that we spent together 32 years ago.  It’s only a small memory but clear, of Michael & I giving you your wrapped present (a wooden letter rack) and of you shaking it to guess what it was.  I remember I said “don’t shake it, you’ll break it” and you laughed at my accidental rhyme.  Like I said small, but enough for me.  Love you, miss you always.  xxx

Jan 1 2012

Mum’s Collection

Here’s the last couple of car photos from my mum’s collection before I move onto the next collection of photos.  This photo is of a young dad his 2nd car a Datsun Bluebird (which was two tone blue, light blue on top).  Mum says he got this car soon after she met him.


And this photo below is of mum leaning against his 3rd car a Holden EH Ute (green in colour) – thanks to cousin Tony P for confirming model.  UPDATE:  Fairly sure this photo was taken in Melbourne around 1967, there is another photo of mum & dad at Luna Park in Melbourne in which mum is wearing the same outfit.  She tells me that they went on a trip to Melbourne together before they were married.  Look at my mother’s barbie doll legs, unfortunately I inherited my father’s knobbly knees.