May 26 2013

New Grandchild

I have pleasure in announcing the arrival of dad’s new grandson “D”, who was welcomed into our family in April, 2013.  Congratulations to my brother Michael and his wife Kim on the birth of their first child.

Meet gorgeous “D” with his happy parents….


May 20 2013

Information Update

Many thanks to Alan Holcroft who recently contacted us with some information about this photo posted in April, 2010.  He has identified the chap with Dad & Sam as Bobby Stevens from Red Cliffs, who worked with dad at Howie Bros Plumbing.

Alan also informed us that Dad had worked for Alan in about 1972 and knew dad through Alan’s friendship with Sam and Pam Dichiera.

Jan 13 2013

33 Years Today

So play it sweet in heaven,
‘Cause that’s right where you wanna be,
I’m not crying ’cause I feel so sorry for you,
I’m crying for me…..

Jan 11 2013

A Boys Night

Here’s an image from my nonna’s collection, showing from left Tony DeLuca, Dad with his brother Sam and cousin Jim Crisera.

Thanks to Robert Crisera & his mum Cath Crisera for scanning the image (originally from nonna’s collection).  UPDATE:  Thanks James Crisera for confirming it was Tony, I had a bit of brain fade.  🙂


Jan 5 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday dad, thinking of you always and missing you so much.