Apr 3 2015

A New Grandchild

I have pleasure in announcing the arrival of dad’s newest grand daughter “M”, who arrived in March.  Congratulations to my brother Michael and his wife Kim on the birth of their second child.

Photo soon…

Jan 13 2015


Only the memories are left,
Of the happiness we knew,
But the love that kindled memory’s torch.
Will feed it our whole life through.

Jan 5 2015

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad.  Time just goes by so quickly now and we miss you more than ever.  All our love always.


This is a postcard that Dad sent to me for my 8th birthday, while he was on his 1976 European trip.  I was going to just add the front of the postcard only, but I thought it was nice to read something dad wrote to us way back then.