Aug 9 2017

A Family Gathering – Cousins

I’ve spent today cleaning up this blog. The last time I went to update I found some major problems with images and the blog software – it ended up being too big a job to complete in one hit. But I’ve had more success today with all the images and links now working properly again.  I even have the menu items across the top linking to the correct galleries again.  I’m sure I could spend a lot more time on it, but for now will leave you with this image that I scanned quite a while ago. It’s a bit of a sneak peak into the next series of images I will be scanning…

Update:  Upon looking at this image again, I’m not sure if it is at my parent’s wedding reception or my dad’s 21st.  The tie my dad is wearing made me think it was his 21st, however looking at some more of the wedding photos I can see that his tie was changed to this style for the going away outfits.  Mum is not sure, so I have sent a message to Jim Crisera to see if he can remember.

From L-R:
  Fred Frasca, Sam Dichiera, Jim Crisera & Pat Dichiera (Dad)

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