Feb 2 2018


With the office move, I’ve scanned some more of the old newspaper memoriam notices from the Sunraysia Daily over the years.  Today I’ve added another 9 years worth.

Jan 28 2018

Quick Update

I’ve just had a major move/declutter of my desk (I lost my office to one of the kids) and in the process I found an old email dating from 2011 from Tony Piscioneri that I had in my to do pile (don’t laugh).  Anyway, Tony had provided some more information about a photo uploaded in 2008.  Sorry Tony for being so slack in adding the info.  xx

I’ve added the information now on the original post, take a look back here.

P.S.  I’ve added the background music back to the website, there is a pause button in the top right corner if needed.

Jan 13 2018

Love You Dad

Our thoughts have been with you all day dad, on this day that we lost you 38 long years ago.  xxx

Jan 5 2018

Happy Birthday Dad

Today marks what would have been dad’s 72nd birthday.  He hasn’t been far from my mind today.

I’ve spent a bit of time setting my scanner up for use again to start scanning more photos.  So here is tonight’s effort another photo from mum and dad’s wedding of them signing the register.  I will try and scan the rest of the wedding photos and put a few shots up on the next post.

Signing of the register