Nov 13 2009

Teresa Piscioneri – passed away 12/11/2009

Condolences to Tony and family on the passing of Aunty. Another of our grand relatives will be laid to rest. Thank you Aunty.

Our thoughts are with you.

Sep 13 2009

Cosimo Dichiera – passed away 12/9/2009

Condolences to Aunty Marianna, Sam, Vivienne and family on the passing of Uncle. Truly a grand spirited man has left us all.

Our thoughts are with you.

Apr 16 2009


Well finally I have a few minutes spare to post an update to the site. My apologies for not doing so sooner, but as some know, we recently added two new members to our family in February.

So please let me introduce you to Dad’s (Pat’s) three grandchildren to date, pictured here with myself and my husband Adrian…

Grandson “C” (aged 2 years) and granddaughters “G” & “M” (aged 8 weeks). These photos were taken when the girls were 4 weeks old. Since then it has been a whirlwind of late night feeds, nappies and more nappies.  “C” just loves his little sisters and I bet can’t wait until they can play with him – for now he is content with kissing them all the time and getting a smile back. 🙂

I will start scanning and publishing some more photos of dad very soon.



ETA:  And yes for those wondering, the girls are identical.  🙂

Jan 5 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is Dad’s birthday, he would have been 63 years old today. All our love and thinking happy memories of you today, dad.   🙂

Dec 16 2008

Austin A90 Atlantic

Well this car is not one of Dad’s as I first thought. It ends up being one of Uncle Sam’s first cars. I also think it predates Uncle Sam’s little red sports car in earlier photos, due to the fact this photo with Dad leaning on it was taken in front of Nonno’s house and there is no carport on the right side of the building – the carport can clearly be seen in the previous sports car photo.

This car with 3 headlights is called an Austin A90 Atlantic and is dated around 1950. It’s a very cool looking car and from what I understand quite rare and sought after these days – Uncle Sam why didn’t you hold onto it. Doh!


Nov 23 2008

Boys and Cars

Here is a shot of Dad’s white Triumph behind Uncle Sam’s red sports car. Unfortunately as I am a girl, I have no idea what type it is – will have to ask hubby unless one of our readers can tell me. 🙂

This photo is taken at the side of Nonno and Nonna’s and it may be their car in front of the house. Someone older might be able to help out with the name of the dog at the front of the photo. Interesting old shed at the front of the property.

This is another photo from Nonna’s collection that Robert & Aunty Cath have scanned for the website.

ETA: Thanks to info from Tony Piscioneri, Nonno’s car has been identified as a 1948 Chev. Just googled it, very cool looking car too!

1st April, 2011 Update:  Tony P has suggested Uncle Sam’s car might be a Datsun Fair Lady.  And also that the shed in the background may be the old horse stables.


Oct 20 2008

More of the Triumph

This photo shows dad sitting on the door of the Triumph with Uncle Sam (I think) at the back, Uncle Vince leaning against it and Nonna with a little lamb.

Funnily enough I was researching Nonno & Nonna a few years ago on the web and found an image of Nonna and a little lamb from the 1950’s that was used in a pdf report of an Italian/Australian conference that had such notaries as Phillip Ruddock, Archibishop George Pell and others speak.

Thanks to Aunty Cath & Robert again for this photo.


Oct 6 2008

Another Triumph Image

Here’s another photo from the same day of the Triumph Herald with Aunty Cathy and Uncle Vince out the front of Nonna and Nonno’s home. Notice the little flag at the back left of the car.


Sep 20 2008

Top Gear – The Cars

On speaking to Uncle Sam and mum, they’ve recalled the cars that dad owned and hopefully we’ve now got them in the right order.

1st car – Triumph Herald (white) – images now posted.
2nd car – Datsun Bluebird (two tone blue, light blue on top)
3rd car – Holden (thought to be an EH) Ute (green)
4th car – Morris Minor
5th car – Station Wagon (mum remembers the brakes were dodgy on this car, she refused to drive it with us kids in it – they used to pay it off $10/week)
6th car – Holden Kingswood Sedan (white)

As I find more info and images of them I will update. But for now here is the first of about four images that have been found of the Triumph (thanks to Aunty Cath & Robert).

This first image shows dad at around 18 or 19 years old with his mum (Nonna) and his cool looking first car the Triumph Herald sportscar (a white one). Mum remembers that dad was driving this when she first met him and that he used to eat his lunch in it in Red Cliffs.


Aug 8 2008

The Guitar Man

Well this is an interesting photo to say the least. It features Uncle Sam with the gun and Dad (Pat) with the guitar. 🙂

The quality is not very good due to this being a photocopy of an image that I received a few years ago.


Jul 18 2008

Group Photo

This early group shot shows quite a few people that I don’t recognise – so will have to get to work identifying them. But it is interesting as this is one of two shots taken of this group. This shot includes Aunty Mary and a man from the back is missing (obviously taking the photo), while another poor photocopy that I have of it, shows the man in the photo and Aunty Mary is taking the photo. This version does show everyone smiling, the other version, looks quite a deal more sombre. 🙂

I’m not sure if it was taken at Nonno’s home or elsewhere.


Back L-R: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Nonno, Unknown, Nonna, Vince, Sam (holding Vince), Unknown.
Front L-R: Cath, Mary & Pat (dad).

Thanks to Aunty Cath & Robert for this photo.

Jun 16 2008

Tween or Teen Aged

Aunty Cath and Dad in their maybe pre-teenage years.


Thanks to Aunty Cath & Robert for this photo.

May 22 2008


There have been a few updates to previous posts as more information has come to light. 🙂

“Confirmation” post of 10/2/2008 – Dad’s Confirmation Sponsor has now been identified/confirmed.
“The Boys” post of 23/3/2008 – Two men have been identified.
“More Confirmation” post of 6/4/2008 – Property in background identified.

May 21 2008

Tony De Luca

This photo shows a visiting Tony De Luca (from Italy), Sam, Nonno, Mary, Dad (Pat) and Cathy on the block. Tony lives in Italy and is my dad’s cousin, his mother was dad’s mother’s older sister – their maiden name was Cirillo.


Back L-R: Tony De Luca, Sam, Nonno (Giuseppe), Mary.
Front L-R: Pat (dad) & Cath.

Thanks to Aunty Cath & Robert for this photo.

May 8 2008


Here’s a shot of dad’s immediate family and Aunty Tosti (Maria).


Back L-R: Sam, Mary, Maria Tosti, Nonna (Giovanna), Nonno (Giuseppe).
Front L-R: Vince, Cath & Pat (dad).

Thanks to Aunty Cath & Robert for this photo.