Jan 12 2012

Luna Park 1967

Here’s a favourite couples photo of mine, its of mum & dad at Luna Park, Melbourne.  The photo was taken about 1967 on a trip they went on before they were married.  And there’s those legs on mum again  :), this is one that has always made me jealous I didn’t end up with pins like these.  A very cute photo don’t you think?


Jan 5 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy birthday dad, thinking of you on this day as always.

Tonight, a particular memory came to mind of your last birthday that we spent together 32 years ago.  It’s only a small memory but clear, of Michael & I giving you your wrapped present (a wooden letter rack) and of you shaking it to guess what it was.  I remember I said “don’t shake it, you’ll break it” and you laughed at my accidental rhyme.  Like I said small, but enough for me.  Love you, miss you always.  xxx

Jan 1 2012

Mum’s Collection

Here’s the last couple of car photos from my mum’s collection before I move onto the next collection of photos.  This photo is of a young dad his 2nd car a Datsun Bluebird (which was two tone blue, light blue on top).  Mum says he got this car soon after she met him.


And this photo below is of mum leaning against his 3rd car a Holden EH Ute (green in colour) – thanks to cousin Tony P for confirming model.  UPDATE:  Fairly sure this photo was taken in Melbourne around 1967, there is another photo of mum & dad at Luna Park in Melbourne in which mum is wearing the same outfit.  She tells me that they went on a trip to Melbourne together before they were married.  Look at my mother’s barbie doll legs, unfortunately I inherited my father’s knobbly knees.


Jun 19 2011

RIP Sam Dichiera

Our thoughts and sympathies are with Aunty Pam, Tim, Brad, Julian, Narelle and their families at this very sad time.  Dad’s older brother & our uncle Sam Dichiera passed away overnight.  Uncle Sam your vibrance lifted the hearts of everyone that knew you.  Riposa in pace.

“No farewell words were spoken,
No time to say goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it,
And only God knows why.”

Salvatore Dichiera 30th April, 1942 – 18th June, 2011.

Apr 13 2011

More Adelaide 1966

Just found some time to add a few more photos from the Adelaide trip that dad & mum took in 1966.  Dad would have been 20 years old in these photos and mum 17 years old.  Top left photo shows dad on the beach holding a small shark, top right photo shows Terry Bottams (front of photo) looking at the same shark.  I believe it was just found on the beach, not caught.

Adelaide1966-Dad8     Adelaide1966-TerryBottams


These next two shots are of my mother climbing out on to rocks for a photo.  🙂


And this photo of dad is obviously from the same day, sight seeing somewhere else.


Apr 11 2011

Happy Birthday Aunty Mary

Just wanted to wish our Aunt Mary (dad’s older sister) a very happy 70th birthday for today.  Hope you have had a great day.  🙂

Jan 13 2011

Thinking Of You

You are very much in our thoughts today – 31 years of missing you.  Love you dad.

Jan 5 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by so fast.  I was having a heap of fun earlier photographing the kids playing and being silly.  It really reminded me of you and all the fun we used to have with you.  Happy Birthday Dad.  xxx

Aug 1 2010

Irymple Football Club – 1964

Well I have a sporting photo of dad to post, and if you knew dad, you know he loved his sports.  This photo is from when dad played in the Under 18’s team for the Irymple Football Club (Swallows), and the team were season Runners Up in 1964.  Unfortunately this photo was damaged by elements & bugs when it went undiscovered that the frame glass had broken.  It upsets me that one of the faces obscured by the damage is that of dad’s close friend Terry Bottams.  I am endeavouring to see if I can get a clean copy of it.

Notice dad’s surname is spelt incorrectly as “Dischiera”.  🙂


I just wanted to add that dad was a huge fan of the Irymple Football Club for many years to come and his brothers Vince & Sam Dichiera played for the club also.  Uncle Vince was a very good player in his day and I remember watching him play many games.  We spent many a weekend down at the field and the old clubhouse with dad, family and friends.  They were special times and I remember them fondly, tooting on the horn when the team scored a goal.  Soft drink & chips for us kids, rolling down the hill, running around on the field between quarters.  I do have some video footage from a grand final game in the 1970’s, there’s not much, but it does show the team lining up for the after game photo.  I will make sure I post it to the website.

Updated – Thanks to Michael Allen (a player in this team), we now have an undamaged scan of the photo.  New post is here or photo is below.

Irymple Football Club - Under 18's Runners Up - 1964

Jul 31 2010

Dumbing Down

Just veering off subject here a little, I read this article in our local newspaper about the Aussie pronunciation of our Ipswich Mayor’s Italian surname.  Mayor Paul Pisasale’s surname is now pronounced “Pisarley” rather than “Peesa-saleh”.  I had a bit of a laugh about it, as the Aussie pronunciation of our surname Dichiera is also a lot different to what it is in Italian.  The Aussie pronunciation is “Dishearer”.  Which I must admit I was thankful for, as even though I like the Italian pronunciation, I would never had been able to stand the constant teasing at school that would have gone with it being pronounced properly.  For those that don’t know, “ch” in Italian is pronounced “k”, just to give you an idea.  Well let’s just get it over with “Dicky-era” or “Dickee-era”

Unlike Mayor Paul, I am pretty sure that Dichiera was “dumbed down” pretty early in the piece here, considering I am second generation Australian.  Again I’ll have to check with other older family members and correct as necessary.  🙂  But I remember Nonno telling me about the different pronunciatons as one of his many stories – he was a great story teller, I so miss them.

Jul 19 2010

Some More Info

Tony Piscioneri has sent me a note about the flag on dad’s car, in the images from this post – Another Triumph Image.  He thinks it may have been a fox tail as it was considered cool at the time to have one.  It looks like Uncle Sam may also have one on his car.

Many thanks to Tony for the information.

May 17 2010

More Adelaide 1966

Here are a few more photos of dad relaxing 🙂 during the 1966 Adelaide trip mentioned in the previous post.


Apr 24 2010

Adelaide 1966

I’ve started on my mum’s photo album now and these photos date from 1966. The location is Adelaide, a trip mum and dad made with dad’s good friend Terry Bottams and his girlfriend Paula (who would also become his wife). The home they were staying at was Paula’s fathers home.

My mum and dad met around 1964 just before mum turned 16 when she was working at Chapley’s Milk Bar in Red Cliffs. Dad then aged 18 used to come in for a milkshake in his lunch break.

You can really see Michael’s resemblance to dad in these photos. Stay tuned there are a few more from this trip to come.


Apr 6 2010

Sydney Trip 1962 – Pt2

As promised here are the rest of the photos I have from this Sydney Trip.


L-R: Bobby Stephens in shorts, Pat Dichiera, Sam Dichiera (leaning on his Austin A90 Atlantic).


L-R: Sam Dichiera, Sandra Tosti, Tony De Luca (?? not sure on this).


L-R: Tony De Luca (??), Sam Dichiera, Bobby Stephens.

Updated 20/5/2013:  Thanks to information from Alan Holcroft, Bobby Stephens has been identified as the man in shorts in the top and bottom pictures.

Apr 5 2010


Just want to say a quick thank you to Tony Piscioneri for helping with identifying some of the cars. Nice to know someone is reading. Your help is very much appreciated.

Updates have been made to these posts:
Austin A90 – name of car corrected.
Boys and Cars – Nonno’s car identified as a 1948 Chev.